Self Defense for All Ages

Our Approach to Self Defense

EB-Edits-1370 sized & croppedThe self-defense strategies and tactics we teach are based on the Northern Shaolin system of kung fu and tai chi.  This system focuses on using an opponent’s force against him by using circular movements to redirect the force and attack the opponent’s weak points, instead of directly meeting force with force.

Most importantly, our philosophy of self-defense focuses on avoiding aggression by being aware of your surroundings, recognizing danger signs, and responding without physical force.  We teach that the use of physical force should always be a last resort, and that avoiding aggression is the best way to prevail in any confrontation.

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How You  Benefit from Our Self-Defense Classes

EB-Edits-1376 sized & croppedIn today’s world, anyone can be the target of aggressive behavior at any time and place.  Our self-defense classes can give you the skills and knowledge to defend yourself from aggression, along with the confidence and situational awareness that can help you recognize and avoid potentially dangerous people, places, and situations.

The underlying kung fu and tai chi movements we teach can also help you build physical and mental fitness, strength, endurance, and balance, which are essential for self-defense and your overall wellness.

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Upcoming Self-Defense Classes

All Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes have self-defense as a core part of the curriculum.  Call Sifu Slaughter at 724.776.3740 if you have specific questions along with arranging for private self-defense classes.