Martial Arts for Kids

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Our Big Dragons kids’ classes train young people (starting as young as age 5) in the basics of self-defense and martial arts. Here are a few of the top reasons why your children should start training today.
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Avoiding Bad Situations

EB-Edits-1360 sized & croppedMost kids do not naturally pay much attention to what is going on around them, and never really think that something bad can happen to them. Dangerous situations can arise before they even know it, and you cannot always be there to help. Self-defense training helps increase kids awareness of their surroundings so that they can recognize a dangerous situation and avoid it.

Handling Aggressive Behavior

Every day we hear about unfortunate incidents of bullying and other aggressive behavior in our kids’ schools and playgrounds, and heart-breaking stores of child abductions. Despite all the media attention, too many kids find themselves confronted and simply don’t know what to do. The ability to know how to diffuse such a situation with a school bully, or, if protect themselves get away from a would-be abductor could save a child’s life.
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Increased Self-Discipline

Self-defense training builds self-discipline, through physical training and mental focus. These skills, valuable when learned as a child become invaluable as an adult, and provide a key foundation for improved performance in school and later in life.

Increased Confidence

Improved physical coordination, increased awareness, sharper focus – all result in a higher level of confidence with kids who have trained in self-defense, and that self-confidence can open doors of opportunity both in childhood and as an adult.

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